You know what I like.

Ask Sue to clear away the dishes.

I'll never forget the look on Lynn's face when I told him he had gotten into Harvard.

I knew Cindy wouldn't be able to learn enough French in just three weeks.

Check Juliet's pulse.

They sent Lucy to prison for ten years.

What're you doing in my office?


Christopher held the canteen of water to Roberto's lips.


I'm an atheist and an anarchist, a professional disbeliever, if you will.

What are those pills called?

Yeah, we already know you're a big guy!

They ask her many questions.

Come on, let's get started.


The post office is just across from the bank.

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The snow prevented the train from running.

I want you to give me a job.

Although she kept protesting, he went.

Mickey asked me how old I was.

I'm afraid the prognosis isn't good.

The village was isolated by the flood.

Mankind will succeed in using nuclear energy peacefully.


I noticed you weren't at home last night.

He is a great scholar, but lacks what is called common sense.

She had her baby drink some milk.

Did that hurt?

I just want to get out of here.


You should know what to read.


We've still got a job to do.

I'm not wasting any more time on this.

It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

It is important to overview the economic status of these groups before examining the proposed solutions.

Don't sign the contract in pencil.

Edward's nose was bleeding.

All her cats are sitting on the roof of the car.

I was happy for her unexpected visit.

I don't think anyone could have done better than you did.

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I know for a fact Ronni had nothing to do with this.


It is impolite to elbow one's way through the crowd.

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Sanford is a better French speaker than Giovanni.

The only difference between a bad cook and a poisoner is the intent.

She adhered strongly to her belief.


So what do you think, Vivek?

I have to solve this problem.

That's all you have to do!

Dan didn't even seem mad.

Someone who is carefree easily changes their tune.

I'm not going to sign this.

I see her pretty often.


I believe that both of you are pretty handsome.

I shouldn't have trusted him.

Shankar drank a lot last night.


She is a clear-headed.

The tree was so tall that it surpassed the garden wall.

Kusum has a very large nose.

Oh! I'm not deluding myself!

The noise frightened the baby.

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She was hurt in the accident.

I'm tired from lack of sleep.

We went to each other's weddings.

I've got someplace I need to be.

Indeed, in some parts of the world we can see the effects already.

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I bought several audiotapes of folk songs.

It feels horrible to be pitied.

If you do not like going to school, why don't you at least learn a trade, so that you can earn an honest living?

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They are good friends of mine.

Elwood was divorced.

"I think we should clean the carburetor." "I already tried that."

You will wait.

How much interest does it pay?


I am now in an old castle.

Has the body not been recovered yet?

You arrested me.

We want to do better.

Is everything okay?


He cried out for help.

Promise me you won't hurt him.

Didn't I warn you?

Make it a little bigger.

I need your assistance.


He bugged her with questions.

Why are you staying?

My stomach is growling.

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If I have to go to Kyoto once more, I will have visited it four times this year.

It's OK, that doesn't count.

I wonder if there'll be more snow this year than last year.

I'm very demanding on my employees.

I was happy to see him go.

Do you still need tea?

In April of 1968, Rev. King was in Memphis, Tennessee.

I'll risk that.

I followed to the letter what you have told me.

Why is Revised coming here?

All the signs are that she is getting better.

The wind is blowing hard now.

Everett came on her own.

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My mother says she doesn't find rock appealing.

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Shamim rubbed his face.

He acquired the habit of smoking.

I happened to run into my teacher at the restaurant last night.

Let's go find Hui.

We need to get rid of them.

Edward and Novorolsky talked on the phone almost every night.

Rudy died in 2013 in Boston.

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He is trying to sing.

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This lady is Masagokan's landlady, Yoko Someha.


I think he ate about 10 oysters.

All these new blocks will undoubtedly impact the loading speed of the home page.

The road runs from Tokyo to Osaka.

Vladimir seemed surprised by this.

I thought you were doing a great job.

I had a new suit made.

Physical books have infinite battery life, are very durable, and you can flip pages instantly.

What are you talking about, she's nothing like me!

You really need to get a haircut.

It's a shame that concrete doesn't burn.

This coat fits you perfectly.


Duncan sat at his desk all morning.

Sandy doesn't smoke or drink.

He drank detergent by mistake.


What do you call a woman who works like a man? A lazy woman.

It has become clear what murder-suspect Miura's jail lifestyle is like.

The room was full of smoke.

Japan is now very different from what it was twenty years ago.

That isn't the same.

Kevin never told Barrett about what he did that weekend.

I won't be going.

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Irfan followed me here.


We'll try not to let it happen again.

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I really miss my girlfriend.

The boys are all of an age.

We shouldn't accept his explanation at face value.

Let's just get out of Glenn's way.

I'm sorry about being late.

Please eat up your dinner.

I have to come on Monday.

He had his sore arm dressed.

I've never found that to be necessary.

Let's grab a bite to eat.

He smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.

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One that confounds good and evil is an enemy to the good.

Why did you quit?

She is on death row.

There were no customers, so we closed the shop earlier.

I'd like some time to talk with Coleen.

Shaunae Miller won the gold medal in a dramatic fashion after diving at the finish line.

I can't necessarily agree with you on that point.


I'll meet Harris in front of the station at 2:30.

That's a photo of my sister.

He had been living in Nagano for seven years when his daughter was born.


They double-crossed us.

It's impossible to see all the sights in Rome in one day.

I'll tell them what I think.


My pastor and I don't see eye to eye on the question of the literal interpretation of the bible.

Lila's speech was good.

It's already taken care of.


I plan to go to Kumamoto tomorrow to see Mr. Aoi.

If it were not for your help, I might have failed.

Hy enjoys hanging out with Perry.

Hume had no food left.

He told me to wash my face.

Someone's calling.

We should become unique, mature individuals.

Michael married the girl next door.

We saw the lady carried away to the hospital.